Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Apparel Favors

  • The Doc feels that apparel favors are useful and last longer with the guest.

  • Get the clothing personalized with your name and Mitzvah date.
  • Israeli themed apparel items, like Israeli caps or Israeli t-shirts, are always good fun and add a Jewish / Israeli touch to the simcha. The Doc always appreciates that!


Gift The Doc's Notes To be found at… (direct link) The Doc's Choice

The kids dance with the socks at the party. A pair of socks with writing on it is good fun to get.

* It's My Mitzvah

{mosimage url=http://click.redgaloshes.com/click?o=01-013108&a=3013}
Flip Flops Casual flip flops for your guests to enjoy fun in the sun. * It's My Mitzvah {mosimage url=http://click.redgaloshes.com/click?o=01-014108&a=3013}
Boxer Shorts

A comfy choice for your guests to enjoy at home.

* It's My Mitzvah {mosimage url=http://click.redgaloshes.com/click?o=01-013213&a=3013}

A cool favor to let your friends go home with. The Doc loves ZaraMart's Israeli caps.

* ZaraMart
* It's My Mitzvah
{mosimage url=http://www.a-zara.com/prod2.asp?prodcat=55&prodtbl=5500&af=doctors&bn=9999}

T-shirts are always fun to receive. Have your guest wear them at the party and it will make a beautiful picture. An assortment of Israeli T-shirts can make great party favors.

* ZaraMart
* It's My Mitzvah
{mosimage url=http://www.a-zara.com/prod1.asp?prodcat=133&af=doctors&bn=9999}

Great for winter bar Mitzvahs.

* It's My Mitzvah
* ZaraMart
{mosimage url=http://www.a-zara.com/prod2.asp?prodcat=131&prodtbl=13100&af=doctors&bn=9999}