Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Bar Mitzvah Favors Etiquette

  • You can choose to give fancy favors, or simple favors. The Doc's prefers not to spend money on expensive favors. It is easy to find party favors under $5 or $10 each.

  • Thinking of of skipping the favors? Some people say that favors go quickly to the trash anyway, so why spend the fortune? The Doc's thinks the favors that are usefu and affordable are easy find. Anyway, if it is not important for you to give away favors, don't feel pressured to do so. The Doc went to many Bar Mitzvahs without favors, and it didn't make a big.
  • When you are considering if to give away favors or not, take into account the norm where you live.
  • The DJ is giving out most of the favors and giveaways.