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Bar Mitzvah Montage Samples

Some of the Bar & Bat Mitzvah videos, let’s admit it, can be quite a torture to watch! Here, we are presenting a collection of montages that are fun to watch!

Aaron’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

Aaron’s Bar Mitzvah montage shows old clips of Bar Mitzvahs in his family, continuing to the marriage of his parents, to Aaron’s birth, and so on. The vintage pieces in the beginning of the movie are great!

Henry’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

Funny, original, with beautiful animations, and a good beat. Henry is definitely a cool boy!

Jake’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

This video was prepared by Jake’s father combining Apple Motion and iMovie, as well as PhotoShop

Zach’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

On the introduction of this montage, Zach talks about his difficulties to choose a theme for his party. Funny!
Have you already found a theme for your Mitzah party? Check the Doc’s mitzvah party themes guide.

Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

This montage was made by Jacob’s father. It chronicles his preparation for the big day, using film and photos, while showing him throughout the years. The focus on the spiritual significance of the event, reading the Torah and putting Tefillin, is original and impressive. Jacob’s father says that at the Bar Mitzvah, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, Niagra Falls!