Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Basic Information to Include in the Invitation

This may seem elementary, but you won’t believe how often people forget to note the most important details on the invitation (Dr. Simcha has so many funny stories about it… it is for another time!). Check carefully this list if you don’t want to reprint your invitation. Here are the basic details to include in it:

Looking for Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitation wording examples?

  • The BM child’s first and last name (so everyone know exactly whose simcha it is!
  • The type of event – Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah.
    Encore Studios Bat Mitzvah invitation
  • Date, day and start time of the party.
  • The simcha venue.
  • Include, if necessary, a map showing how to get to the event venue.

    You can getthe maps from your caterer / the synagogue, or you can 

    have the map printed for you (try, then, to match the printing to theprinting of the invitation).

  • Include your R.S.V.P. date and information at the bottom of the invitation (or on response cards), so that you know accurately who will be attending. Include also your phone number and email address (many people prefer to write a quick email).
  • If there is a dress code (from black-tie to pijamas!), state the preferred dress.
  • Any restrictions may also be noted on the invitation such as “No photographs during ceremony” or “No gifts please”.
  • Information concerning the reception may also be included; however, space is limited and a more detailed description is best placed on a reception card.