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Bat Mitzvah Montage Samples

Here is a collection of a few brilliant Bat Mitzvah montage movies.

Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah Montage

Jamie, the Bar Mitzvah gilr, is singing and playing the montage songs. It is very touching!

Rosie’s Bat Mitzvah Montage
Rosie is a dramatic, spacy and insistent sweet girl. She’s a charming daughter, loving sister, and fantastic friend.

Carly’s Bat Mitzvah Montage
Carly’s montage shows sweet scenes of Carly with her girlfriends. The playback is Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” – “It starts in my toes
make me crinkle my nose”. Colorful, touching and short. Right to the point, and very well done!

Melissa’s Bat Mitzvah Montage
Melissa is your average girl, with an affinity for bagels and, well, bagels. This montage is a selected day in her life, presented at Melissa’s Bat-Mitzvah.

Leeshy’s Bat Mitzvah Montage
Leeshy’s montage starts with an Israeli song in Hebrew. It is the famous children song – “Hayalda Hachi Yafa Bagan” (the translation from Hebrew is – “The Kindergarten’s Most Beautiful Girl”), sang by the Israeli Yehudit Ravitz. A beautiful choice!