Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Booking with the DJ

  • When to book? The earlier the better, especially if you want to have a specific performer. Top performers book years in advance.
  • If you sign with a DJ company and you want specific performers from that company to show up at your simcha, make sure that their names are mentioned in the contract. A DJ who is also a company owner will be more reliable once contracted than an employee DJ.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing. Most of the DJs’ template contracts are probably not in your favor. Make sure that the contract deals with all the essential details related to the entertainment team involvement in your party. .

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  • Will you get the deposit back if you cancel the reservation and change a DJ? It happens – more often than you would expect – that people have to cancel, for various reasons. Losing the deposit or paying penalties hurts! On the other hand, cancellations may be also a trouble for the pro, isn’ t it so? Discuss the matter of cancellations and the related questions with your entertainment company. For example, how long before the party would you be allowed to cancel the booking? What are justified cancellation circumstances? Would you have to pay although canceling? In which cancellation circumstances would you have to pay? How much? And so on. Read the contract carefully before signing and reach a fair agreement.
  • The Doc is always careful with signing contracts. She never signs one without showing it to her son-in-low, a lawyer. He is her Bar Mitzvah guide of laws! He always makes clever remarks and corrections of the agreement. A Jewish mother’s pride is a lawyer son, right? Letting a lawyer see a contract before signing is always a good advice.
  • Bar Mitzvah timeline guide is the subject of the next article.