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The Candle Lighting Ceremony – How it Works?

How does the candle lighting ceremony work? To some (including the Doc!) the bar mitzvah candle lighting ceremony is the peak of the BM party. The Doc has sweet memories from her BM candle lighting ceremony. Only the thought of … Continue reading

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The Candle Lighting ceremony – Writing the Poems

The BM child usually reads a short poem with every candle lighting honoree is the common run the candle lighting ceremony. It is the opportunity to honor Aunt Jane, Grandma Noni or Grandpa Momi from Miami. Don’t miss the Bar … Continue reading

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The Candle Lighting ceremony – Poems Stress & Reading

The Candle lighting Poem Stress The candle lighting poems are one of the matters people get most stressed about. It is overwhelming. Take a deep breath and relax a little. “This one’s for you: Poems for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Candle … Continue reading

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The Candle Lighting Ceremony – Songs

Have a song for every candle, or choose one or two songs for the whole ceremony. Provide the DJ with a list of the songs to play, the people who will be called up to light the candle and the … Continue reading

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Tefillin – What are Tefillin? How to Bind Them?

What are Tefillin? The Tefillin are are an essential part of morning prayer services, and are worn on a daily basis (except on Shabbat and Jewish holidays) by religious Jewish men above the age of 13 years. Tefillin, also called … Continue reading

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Teffilin – Getting Yourself a Teffilin Set

Personalized Tefillin Bags Before you go and choose yourself your Tefillin set, remember – it makes a difference if you are “righty” of “lefty”. The Torah says to put the tefillin on the “weak” arm. Standard tefillin are made for … Continue reading

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Ha-Motzi Blessing

The Ha-Motzi ceremony is usually held at BM parties, before dinner. The HaMotzi blessing is the Jewish blessing said before eating bread.  We give thanks to God with the blessing that goes as follows (listen to the Ha-Motzi blessing, in … Continue reading

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Sample Candle Lighting Ceremony Poem

Bar Mitzvah Poems Book Here is a sample Bar Mitzvah candle-lighting ceremony poem, kindly provided by Jill S., The Poem Lady. It’s beautiful! My grandfather who I love so dear Passed away recently, but I know he is near His … Continue reading

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