Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Choosing a DJ

  • Choose your DJ & MC carefully. They set the tone of the party and make it work! 
  • First decide on what you want your event to “feel like”. Some people like parties with many activities, high volume and many favors. Others prefer a laid back event. It is a matter of taste. Choose a DJ the fits your taste and can deliver such an event. . 
  • Your best option is to book a DJ and a MC who you had seen at an event and loved. If you haven’t seen them perform, go see them before you hire them. If this is not possible, at least ask for video footage from their past events. When you check them, and when you communicate with the Bar Mitzvah DJ, try to examine the MC and DJ on these issues:

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    • Do they have a good stage presence and access to children? 
    • Are the activities coordinated well and the room in control? 
    • Are they able to read the guests and adjust the repertoire accordingly? 
    • Do you like the music? 
    • How is the DJ’s equipment and stage appearance?
    • Do you like the sound system. Is the sound crisp and warm? 
    • How do they get people going? Are the guests happy? 
  • Ask for references from friends and family. It is helpful to hear the different perspectives. 
  • Ask that DJ for a couple of references to see what others thought of him. Does he have an expertise in Jewish events? Inquire also about the DJ’s honesty and integrity. 
  • Visit the website of the DJ. The website can give you and idea of his style. Does he have a customer testimonials section on his website? Is there a part of the website that is dedicated to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs? Sometimes party video clips are offered online.