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Choosing a Photographer I

Choose well your photographer and videographer. Have you heard of Duddy Kravitz, the worse Bar Mitzvah photographer ever, comically depicted in the movie The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz? You don’t want this kind of photographer for your simcha! This is a once in a lifetime event. You need a good photographer and video person. Here are some tips about how to choose them well.


  • Every person has their unique personality and style. Look for a photographer that fits yours.
  • Stay away from non-personal formulated professionals. A good photographer adjusts his work to the client’s individual preference.
  • Do you prefer color or black & white photos? Check if your photographer works with color, B & W or both.
  • The photographer’s work is to tell the story of your simcha. There are many ways to tell a story. Think about how you would like your story to be told and speak about it with the photographer.

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  • The level of the photography and videography equipment makes a significant difference. The latest cameras and editing software will make your photos and video look better.
  • The Doc does not understand much about video and camera high-tech novelties and all the technical jibrish. However, she knows alot about how to deal with people! Ask the photographer about their equipment and take a look at the machines if possible. Is it high tech or antique looking? Get an impression!
  • Does your photographer use a massive tripod? A wheeled cart? It can be really annoying having heavy equipment and distracting carts spinning around the dance floor and getting in the way of your guests. You will have to worry about guests tripping over wires instead of enjoying the party. The Doc prefers wireless shoulder cameras.

Demos & samples

  • Every photographer has a different shooting style. Ask for a sample album from the photographer and for a demo DVD  from the videographer. Websites of photographers often offer online demos and galleries.
  • The Doc examines a photographer’s work by looking for emotions in their photos. Can you see emotions there – passion? love? excitement? This is what you should be after, so that you can relive the excitement and love of your celebration over and over again.
  • Do you like the professional’s work? Are you impressed?

Delivery Speed

  • After the simcha, people often get the post-barmi (or post-batmi) blues. The pictures and video will be very precious then. You will be very eager to watch them. Doctor Simcha knows people who waited more than a year for the photos and videos. A nightmare! Don’t let it happen to you. Agree ahead on the time frame.
  • However, understand that doing a good editing job takes time to prepare. If any professional promises editing your video in just a few days, you have a reason to get suspicious. So, don’t demand your video also too quick!

Meet your photographer in person

  • Arrange an informative consultation with the photographer and videographer. Discuss various photographic styles and techniques. Interview several professionals before picking one.
  • Meet the person who will be shooting at your simcha. Not the boss, not the owner, not the assistant. The professional himself. You must know ahead the photographer & videographer that you will get.
  • How is the meeting? Does the professional ask the right questions and have all the right answers? Good vibes?
  • It is recommended to meet the professional in their office. You will get a closer impression of their business.