Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Communicating with the DJ

  • Know your performers. Arrange a proper meeting with the DJ and discuss all the details and bar mitzvah info with him. Bring the BM child along to the meeting and have them involved in the process.

  • Meet also the MC in person, it is very important. Ask them about their style, how they get people going, what they do with the children and the BM. Be clear as to what you are expecting.
  • It is advisable to discuss with the DJ all the elements and parts of the evening, as well as your preferences, such as:
    • The overall mood that you want the party to have.

    • The types of music and songs to be played in the party. Check the Doc’s Bar Mitzvah songs lists info pages.
    • Tell the DJ and MC about your family and friends. It is important that they know your crowd.
    • In which volume level you want the music to be played?
    • Do you prefer your DJ / MC to be dressed casual or to wear a tuxedo?

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    • When will the DJ take his break?

    • At what time do the MC&DJ set up? A DJ should be ready to go one hour before the beginning of the party.
    • When will the party be finished? What if the party goes very well (it will!) and you need him for a little while more?
    • Will the DJ have a backup system at the party venue? What happens if the DJ becomes ill?
    • Is the DJ covered by liability insurance?
  • Set another appointment with the DJ about 10 days prior to your party to refresh the details. Make him understand how important this party is for the family. It is best if you type down all the information before the meeting – it will make things easy for both of you. Include also a song suggestion sheet.
  • The DJ should work in synchronicity with the caterer and the other vendors. Make them talk and put together a written time line of events so everything runs efficiently.