Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Delivering the Gifts

Note Cards

  • Give a note card with a sweet message along with the present. It will add a special and personal touch to your present.
  • Let the child sign the note card. It is enough that you sign the check!


  • Presentation alone won’t compensate for a poor choice, but it can enhance a good one.
  • Once you select a great gift, don’t forget to wrap the gift attractively.

When to give the gifts?

  • First and most important – try not to bring gifts to the temple on Shabbat. Carrying a gift (or any item) is forbidden on Shabbat by religious law and customs for traditional Jewish households.
  • The presents are usually brought to the party. If the service and party are held on Shabbat (Friday evening or before sundown on Saturday) it might be best to send the gift on another day.
  • Some people prefer not to deliver the gifts at the party, but to do the delivery at the child’s home soon before or right after the event. The reason is that with all the intensity of the party, sometimes presents get lost.