Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Design of the invitation


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General Guidelines

  • There is no standard etiquette for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation. There are endless ways to design one. Creativity, creativity, creativity, the Doc always says. There is great room for personalization in invitation design, so enjoy it!

  • To feed your creativity, perform a Google Images search for "Bar mitzvah Invitations . Many examples are there to feed your inspiration!
  • Check invitation books of vendors. Take things away, add others, and make it your own.
  • Fit the invitation with the theme, spirit and colors of your BM. If you have a theme or color scheme in mind, look for invitations that echo this. Don’t forget also to match the envelope print, ink color and design to the invitation.
  • Doctor Simcha gets romantic: have a crocheted flower in red attached to the invitation's top left.


  • First, you have many fonts on your computer. Look for one that you like on your Word software.

  • Would you like to see fonts that are not offered on your computer? The Doctor looks for new fonts at Fonts.com, a wonderful source. Just take a look, write down the name of the font that you like and ask your vendor if he has it.
    {mosimage url=http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-2169340-10274031?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fonts.com%2FFindFonts%2Fdetail.htm%3Fpid%3D206337&cjsku=206337}
  • Use bold block letters to announce a contemporary BM, a flowing script for romance, an art deco font for a Jazzy theme, freeform brush strokes for a casual feel and medieval calligraphy for your personal Renaissance touch.
  • Dr. Simcha's favorite font – Lucida Calligraphy !
  • If you are interested in Hebrew fonts, fonts.com has a good variety. Another option is Font Studio CD-ROM, with 59 True Type fonts. If you would like a Hebrew word processing tool that will serve you also after the BM, check DavkaWriter Platinum 6 Hebrew word processor, a fully featured Hebrew / English word processor software. 


  • {mosimage url=http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=Wc5ialzE0x4&offerid=53707.30690&type=2&subid=0}There are many themes that you may choose to highlight in your invitation. Here are just a few suggestions:

    • traditional religious themes – tallit, torah, star of David, skyline of Jerusalem, lions and more;

    • the qualities and hobbies of the BM boy or girl;
    • an upcoming holiday at the time of the year;
    • Israel and aliyah;
    • An image of the BM girl or boy;
    • Other personal issues of great significance to the family.


  • Invitation vendors usually have a selection of graphics for you to choose from. If you are looking for a graphic that fits better your taste, there are online resources that offer free images and clipart:

    • Just do a search for "free clipart" or "free Jewish clipart" on the search engines and you will find many sites that provide these services for free.

    • Try also searching on Google Images with a description of the graphic you are looking for.
    • Microsoft Clipart and Media collection is a good place to look for clipart. Check also Microsoft's Jewish clipart gallery. They have pretty stuff there, though you will probably not surprise anyone with a unique clipart if you get your clipart from there. This gallery is very popular!
  • The problem with these free graphics resources is that the variety and quality are not the best and that these cliparts are used everywhere and also on many invitations. You also have to worry about the legal rights to use the images. So, if you want some fresh stuff, there are affordable rich-content paid options:
    {mosimage url=http://www.judaism.com/display.asp?uniqueTitle=93850&aref=bm}
    • A rich selection of quality cliparts, both Jewish and general, is offered by Clipart.com. You can get a quick subscription for a week and use orignial cliparts that were not used by others.

    • When it comes to pretty Jewish graphics, there are many CD collections with unique graphics that can work very well for invitations. For a good collection, check Jewish clipart software at Judaism.com. The Doc likes DavkaGraphics, the world's best-selling Judaic clip art collection.  


  • The paper you select should echo the tenor of the simcha: heavyweight paper with a fine finish to denote a decorous tone; handcrafted parchment with unfinished edges and raffia binding for a natural celebration; or a metallic finish with sparkly ink for a flashy feel.

  • You should be able to find a wide array of suitable papers, plain or variously paneled, and be able to distinguish your personal style through the large selection of beautiful typestyles.
  • The traditional invitation is elegantly simple. It usually uses black ink printed on a heavy white or cream colored card.
  • The card may be flat or folded with the printing traditionally on the front. In the flat card, the page contains all the information required. When the card is folded, the inner side usually contains the invitation. The top face has an inscription with an embossed logo, a small sketch, a biblical verse with the BM name and so on.
  • Want to get a little original and free-spirited? Change the shape of things. Try a horizontal bi-fold, a tri-color tri-fold, or a thematic z-fold. Add a die-cut window that peeks into the text, or a pocket to hold the response card.
  • Bored of paper invitations? You can send these super cool Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations (too cool for the Doctor though!):
    {mosimage url=http://click.redgaloshes.com/click?o=01-016010&a=3013}
    • Bar/Bat Mitzvah CD invitation – The CD is personalized with your name and all the details of your BM. The CD plays songs ("Celebration", "Hava Nagila").

    • BM DVD invitation. It gets really cool. Don't forget to print the key information on the DVD itself for the computer challenged guests!


  • "Imagination is the beginning of creation" the Doctor poetically says. Let your imagination work and keep those colors delicious!

  • Try to fit the colors of the invitation paper, graphics, fonts and envelopes to the basic elements of your BM décor.