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Digital Shoots or Film Photography?

  • There are pros and cons to both digital and film photography; it is really a matter of personal choice.
  • For those high-tech gifted fellows, the digital option allows photo editing, creating montages and so on. In digital photography the photo can be also manipulated to fix flaws in the images (hair in face, red eyes, etc).
  • Digital photography allows having many more proofs with a lower impact on the cost.
  • With digital photographs you will be able to share & print your photos online.

    Tallit Bar Mitzvah Photo Frame
  • If you are going for digital images, make sure you get the high resolution full size images, and not “thumbnails”. The quality of the larger images is superior. It is particularly important when it comes to photo printing.
  • The Doc (usually an avantgarde lady, but sometimes traditional!) loves those old-fashioned albums. Her opinion is that you cannot compare digital to film. For those once in a lifetime celebrations, she says, film is the way to go, because the film’s quality is superior.
  • Film is more expensive. If you are looking for areas to cut expenses, take the digital.
  • If you chose film, ask for the negative. This way, if you want more prints you do not need to order from the photographer.
  • Many photographers combine digital and film, so to the ones of you who can’t decide, this may be the way to go!