Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

DJ Price

  • The Doc, as well as many other kids (ha!), often can’t tell a difference between the high end and the low end DJs. The quality of the DJ and his personality are the one that counts. Don’t think that paying $6,000 for multimedia and gadgets is an assurance for a good party. A low key DJ can do the trick. What you need is a DJ with a heart!
  • Yet, it is true, the DJ is maybe the best place you can put your money. A good DJ makes the party.
  • DJs offer different levels of packages. They give those packages funny names. Have you heard of the extra grand deluxe royal premier entertainment package?! Anyway, a very basic one can be around $1,000. Anything besides just a DJ playing music and doing games – lighting, dancers, costumes, effects, smoke, etc – can be 5-8 times more.
  • Who the DJ is also makes a difference. Owners of DJ companies, or very famous and successful DJs, charge more.
  • Saturday nights are expensive.

    If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack)
  • As a thumb rule, the Doc believes in buying straight from the source, otherwise the price goes up. Therefore, if a DJ offers to order the giveaways, do the photography, arrange the limos, tuxedos, invitations and so on, think twice! However, DJs sometimes have better prices, so compare.