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Do-It-Yourself Kippot

Kippot Patterns

  • The Doc’s mother did the kippot for her wedding many moons ago. Hubby and his friends still wear them, although they look pretty big now because the heads are without much hair!
  • Making the BM kippot yourself is probably too much work. Do it only if you would really enjoy it!

Guides and References

  • If you’re looking for guides and references on the subject, here a few recomendations:
    • The Complete Guide to Yarmulka Design. It has many beautiful kippot designs. However, it is a design book only. It doesn’t teach how to make the kippot.
    • There is another book, Judaic stitchery design workbook, which should include some info about making kippot. The Doctor has tried to get the book for years but never managed. It is kind of rare it seems. If anyone finds out where to it can be bought please let the Doc know, ok?
    • A little off topic, but a GREAT book about Jewish crafts and recipes is Judaikitsch. The Doc picked this book up at the bookshop. She ended up laughing so hard in the store that she had to buy it. Order a copy now, tuck it inside your Haggadah, and you’ll be able to stay awake until that song about the goat has finished. Talking about kippot, check the chapters about the “Steppin Out Yarmulke” and the “Pet Yarmulke”.
    • A good reference tool to learn the sheer basics of knitting is the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting. It is not a perfect how-to book, but the projects are good for beginners. For the more advanced ones, The Crochet Answer Book is fabulous, even if you are a crochet expert. Both sources are general guides and don’t deal with kippot.
    • The Crochet Patterns Yahoo Group is for crocheters worldwide. Skill levels range from brand-new beginners to professional designers and publishers. Members of the group share their thoughts, comments and knowledge about crochet with others.¬†A Yahoo ID¬†is required¬†(it’s free).
  • Look for your knit & crochet supplies at Create For Less needlework supplies.