Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations


  • Enclosures is the general term for the little cards inserted with the Bar Mitzvahs invitations providing additional information – such as reception cards, Bar Mitzvahs response cards, place cards, map cards, transportation cards, accommodation cards etc. 
  • Reception Cards – this card is an accessory card printed with your reception date, time and location.
  • Map cards – the maps are a necessary compliment to the BM invitations. The provide navigational assistance to help ensure your guests arrive timely and safely!
  • BM Program cards – the program is a piece that the Doc really likes, as it allows the guests a better involvment in the happy occasion. It provides details about the BM service, the Torah portion and explains what they are about. The program also gives background information such as the Mitzvah Project, honors, thanks and any other message the BM
    has in mind (or heart!). It makes a great souvenir.
  • Napkins – choose a color that would match your BM theme and get them personalized with your name, date and design. It will add a special touch to your table decorations. Check SHinDigZ’s Personalized Party Napkins. They are available in many colors with hundreds of design options.