Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations


What is an extra?

  • A basic package usually includes one disc jockey, a master of ceremonies and a small light show. Some DJ’s also require dancers on their simple package. All the rest – is extra
  • Think well about the extras you want to have. The extras add a special energy to a party. However, too many extras will make the party too busy and over the top. You can make a great party even only with a good DJ & MC (ok, whatever, let’s add two dancers).

Dancers and motivators

  • Some DJ’s require having dancers and include them in their basic package. You still pay for it, but it is not called an “extra” then.
  • Dancers are the Doc’s most recommended extra. They put the energies in movement! They get the kids, and actually everyone, involved and up on the dance floor. They teach new steps and get the shy children to dance. They also  help giving out prizes. And most important, they make your BM child a shining star (even more than usual!).
  • Even the Doc, who can be a little old fashioned, admits that if you feel your crowd may need a little push in the direction of the dance floor, then dance motivators are a good place to spend you dollars (and it does not have to be that expensive). Commonly, you have much more people dancing in parties with dancers.
  • Dance motivators are particularly a good idea for parties with many kids, which require more than a DJ and MC. Discuss the number of the dancers you need with your DJ. A dancer for about every 25 children is common, but it really depends on the crowd.
  • However, a good team of DJs and MCs can make the party kicking even without dancerss. If possible, observe the DJ with and without dancers and then decide. Someone who prefers a low key party may not want to hire dancers. The Doc remembers many great parties from her childhood, but can’t recall any dance motivators around.
  • Talk with the DJ about the role of the dancers and make sure you see it the same way. The dancers should not bother the guests or make them feel uncomfortable. A little nudge is ok, but if someone wants to be left alone, it is fine, the dancers should let go. The dancers should enhance your party, not dominate it.
  • Dressing is an issue with dancers. If it is important for you that the dancers be dressed appropriately, state it. Provocative dressing may be offensive to some of the guests, so consider the issue. The Doc, a real lady, prefers costuming that is conservative but stylish.


  • The lighting creates an ambience to set the mood and adds excitement. It is just an additional way to help your guests get into the mood of the event.
  • The basic entertainment packages usually goes with simple lighting effects. It may be enough!
  • In the advanced packages the lighting can get really intense – laser lights, black light, tech lights, wall light, starlight, so much light! The kids love it, but it usually makes the Doc dizzy. She is romantic, the Doc, prefers wine and moon-light!
  • Other dance floor ambience effects may be smoke, bubbles and snow. Snow!? For G-d’s sake!

Video screen

  • Some DJ companies offer video and plasma screens that will project you and your guest dancing, as well as music clips.
  • Another novelty is having a VJ – a video jockey who mixes your video show live on giant plasma screens.

Novelty entertainment

  • DJ companies provide a tremendous selection of novelty entertainment to enhance the festivities of simchas. The list of novelties is endless. Here are a few examples of novelty entertainments offered these days:
    • Karaoke
    • Sing-a-long
    • CD recording booth
    • Cotton candy machine
    • Fun food
    • Tattoo parlor
    • Cartoon artists
    • Baloon artistary
    • Hair beading
    • Chinese name painting
    • Face Painter
    • Air Brushed T shirts and Boxers
    • Wax hand creations
    • Interactive arcade sports games
    • Video games
    • Money machine
    • Outdoor games
    • TV style game show
    • Casinos
    • Photo favors shop
  • If you are considering a novelty, go first and see how it works in another party. You will get a much better idea on what it makes to a party, than choosing from a leaflet.
  • Take into consideration that when you have activities outside the dance room, the dance floor will be left empty.

Bands, live music & acts

  • It is common to have live music during the cocktail hour – piano, harp, saxophone, drums, etc.
  • For even more excitement, entertainment companies offer DJ and live bands combinations.
  • Stand-up artists, belly dancers, clowns and other acts are additional ideas for a live performance.

DJ giveaways and prizes

  • DJ Giveaways are a good ice-breaker. The DJ will hands out these fun items to your guests during peak times of your event. It will be a sweet addition to the party.
  • There are so many kinds of DJ giveaways – neon necklaces, glow sticks, Blues Brothers sunglasses, maracas, white gloves, hats, etc. The list is endless.
  • DJ packages usually include a limited number of giveaway items. If you would like to add giveaway items, try to buy them directly from the shop. It usually reduces costs.