Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Getting the Gifts & Thank You Notes

Collecting the presents at the party

  • Leave a box on a table for checks and have a Bat/Bar table for the presents.
  • Take away the presents early in the evening and place them in a locked room.
  • It happens often that people lose gifts. At the end of your party, check all around and make sure that no gift was left behind.
  • It is recommended to choose one family member that will be responsible for gathering the gifts and seeing that they are kept safely.

Opening the gifts

  • Now that the B-Mitzvah is over, it is time to open the gifts. Isn’t it fun?
  • When you open the gifts, write down a list of what you got from whom. You will need the list to write the thank you notes.

Thank you notes

  • The thank you notes are a wonderful way to express genuine gratitude to the guests who attended the simcha.
  • Arrange a day to have all the thank you notes written.
  • Where to get thank you notes? The Doc usually gives thanks with thank you notes for Bar Mitzvah present at FineStationery.com. Anyway, these notes are to be found in any stationery shop.
  • Let the BM child write the thank you notes. After all, it is the child who got the presents! There is something sincere and happy about a thank you note hand-written by a BM child.
  • Make the thank you notes warm and personal. Say something about how special it was to have them share these happy moments together.
  • For those who gave money gifts, mention in the notes what the money will be used for (college fees, a new laptop, books, etc).
  • For those who gave gift certificates, mention in the notes what you plan to get from the shop.
  • Writing thank you notes to out-of-towners? Talk about what it meant to you that they made the effort and traveled the distance.
  • Close the note with something sweet like: “Hoping to see in my wedding!”.

Guests with no gift, or gift with no guest!

  • Missing a gift from one of the guests? Or maybe that guest simply did not intend to give a gift? Maybe you lost it? Or is it a gift that you don’t who gave you? What to do? This is a tough one!
  • First, check if gifts or envelopes were left behind at the party hall. It happens a lot!
  • How long to wait? Should you ask the guest about it? Maybe they never intended to give a gift?
  • Some people will bring you gifts later. Be patient and wait around 2-3 weeks to see if a gift comes. The Doc remembers gifts that came three months after the event!
  • The Doc’s friend, Bob, always forgets the checks in his pocket! This happened to him 3 times! Then, at the morning after, he runs with his car to put the check in the mailbox of the family followed by an embarrassing phone call.
  • The Doc does not recommend calling the guest and asking about the missing gift…
  • The Doc thinks you should still send a thank you note even if there was no gift. Make a generic thank you note saying something like: “Thank you for helping me to celebrate my BM party” or “Thank you for participating in my BM party…” etc.