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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Tips

  • Looking for gift certificate ideas?
  • Worried about giving the wrong gift but still would like your gift to have a personal touch? A gift certificate should be your choice then.
  • Why do kids always love gift certificates? Here is a secret only children know: children prefer gift certificates on money because the money usually goes to a saving account, while the gift certificate can be used right away and exactly on what they want. Children are smart!
  • If you are not familiar enough with the child to know their interests, be cautious with gift certificate that you choose. The gift certificates force the recipients to spend them at a particular store. If that store is far from their home or is not to their taste, it is more hard work than pleasure. If you still want to get a certificate, an Amazon.com gift certificate always suits. Their mega store has everything.
  • When you get a gift certificate, check if it has an expiry date and if the date is not too close.

Gift Certificate Ideas

  • Try to personalize the gift certificate by getting one from a store that is close to the interests of the BM child. Check the Doc's gift certificate ideas list.
  • Give the gift of tickets to a concert, musical, play, or sports game. TicketNetwork offers gift notes, with several customized gift notes available for father’s day, birthday, and more.

  • A gift certificate that is related to Judaism and Israel is not only a gift certificate. It carries also a connection to the spiritual and cultural roots of the event and it makes the gift very special. The available option are gathered in the Doc's Jewish & Israeli gift certificates list. The most versatile one, with many Israeli & Jewish items available, is Judaism.com's Mazel Certificate.
  • A mall certificate is also lots of fun. It allows the kids to hang out in the mall and shop at any store within it, from CD's to Jewelry. Children love it.

Using the Gift Certificates

  • After the simcha, make a list of all the gift certificates with the certificate's sum, store name and expiration date.

  • Use first the gift certificates with the closer expiration dates.
  • Don't use all the gift certificates at once. Keep them in an envelope and wait until there is something that the BM child wants.
  • If there are gift certificates that the BM child cannot find a way to use, or if the child does not shop often, maybe another family member can use them and give the money to the child? Use his certificate and then give him the cash to use for something he likes.