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Gift Ideas – Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates strike the balance between practical value and personal touch. Give a teen a gift card to their favorite store or website and they will surely appreciate it. Check the list at the bottom, it covers different fields of interest.

  • However, if you don't know the BM child's and interests good enough, it is better to buy a certificate to a general store , like the Amazon.com gift card, that offers many kinds of products. Once, at one of the simchas, a BM boy – who did not appreciate much books reading – received 11 Barnes and Noble gift certificates. What a nightmare!
  • Looking for additonal gift certificate ideas?

    Certificate Name / Company Theme The Doc’s Notes
    iTunes Gift Card Music-iPod A good choice for the BM child who has an iPod or will be getting one.
    Ticekts Now Event Tickets Lets the BM child choose from nearly 2 million event tickets. Cool!
    Fandango Movie Tickets Movie Tickets Would you like to give gift of movies?  
    Visa Gift Card Credit Card Owning a credit card makes the kids feel like adults!  
    Spa-Wish Spa Makes a BM girl’s spa wishes come true.  
    FansEdge Sports An all sports gift card, good for the sport fan BM!
    GameFly  Video Games For those who play Sony PlayStation.  
    AreYouGame Games For game & puzzle lovers.
    Discovery Channel Games & Toys A cool shop.
    GiftCertificates.com Redeemable Gift Card

    If you are not sure what to give, this redeemable  certificate is a good option.

    Amazon.com All -Around Should work for everyone.