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Gift Ideas – Jewish Electronics & Gadgets

  • Here your present can get really special!
  • Get some Jewish and Hebrew related electronics items and your gift will carry also an educational significance that connects with the essence of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony.
  • Any other gift idea? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, ok? Thanks!
  • Looking for general electronics bar mitzvah gift ideas?

Gadget The Doc’s Notes
Talking Hebrew WordPod for iPod A Hebrew vocabulary companion for iPod.The kids love iPods so much, and here it can expand their Hebrew vocabulary.
Leining Master This is another tool that connects the MP3-mania  with Judaism. The entire Torah, Haftaros and Megillos in MP3 audio.
iDaven for iPod On-the-go Tefillah companion for your iPod.

Babylon Israeli  Translator Babylon is a great Israeli success story, with 30 million registered users around the world. It provides an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 50 languages, including Hebrew.

Discover Jerusalem Here is a way to prepare BM children for their first trip to Israel – a multimedia tour of Jerusalem’s past & present.
English Hebrew keyboard The Doc used to guess letter by letter, until she got a true English-Hebrew keyboard!

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English Hebrew electronic dictionary At medaberet Ivrit? Here’s another tool to open the BM child to the world of Hebrew.

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Learning to Read Hebrew The program is well organized in 10 lessons and free of gimmickry and clutter; anyone who spends several hours on the lessons and then reviewing them can succeed.
A Deeper Reality –¬† Kabbalah CD-Rom A spiritual kid? This CD provides a look into the¬† Kabbalah wisdom.
Jewish Software Software about Jewish history, Torah, cooking, games, graphics, Hebrew, Israel and more and more. Check this rich collection of software.