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Hand Crocheted Kippot

Colorful Rings Kippa
  • Doc’s favorite and the most popular kippot vendor is hand crocheted kippot at ZaraMart. The quality and variety are excellent and the price is affordable. These kippot are a big BM hit. You will get many compliments.
  • The Doc has something personal to tell you at this point. Doctor Simcha and Albert Zara, ZaraMart’s manager, have a close relationship. She loves him! Getting curious? Doc Simcha is a true lady, she keeps her love life in privacy Wink. I can see her blushing already! Anyway, what must be said is that when it comes to business and making recommendations here, Doc Simcha is a true professional. She knows no compromises. She puts aside personal issue and concentrates on your benefit! Ok?That being said, the Doc thinks ZaraMart is the best kippot business around. There are other good shops, of course, which will be mentioned further on. Shop around, check prices. It is you that makes the decision.
  • The Doc’s favorite design of kippa is Purim kippa, with the big smiley face. Everyone should be smiling!
  • MayaWorks, Guatemala
  • In one of her bag-packer trips around the world, the Doc arrived to Guatemala. In San Marcos, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, she met a beautiful group of Mayan women crocheting kippot! The price is quite high, though, but it is a good story, isn’t it? It is called MayaWorks.


  • The hand crocheted kippot are offered in three sizes. Medium is the size that the Doc and most people order.
  • The kippot are handmade. Therefore, even if you order all at the same size, there be will be slight variations.

Soccer Label for Personalized Kippot
  • The common way to personalize the crocheted kippot is by cotton/polyester labels attached to the inner side of the kippot by hot ironing. Include logos, Hebrew names & dates and any other information on the labels.
  • Joshua Daniel Friedman loves soccer, so he decided to draw a soccer ball on his kippot labels. It is a great choice for a soccer themed mitzvah party!
  • To cut the cost of the personalization, it is possible to buy the hand crocheted kippot with loose free polyester heavy duty labels. With these free labels, you should attach the labels yourself.
  • The Doc attached the free labels herself the first time. It was ok, but the second time she let ZaraMart do the hot ironing of the cotton/polyester labels. A little more expensive, but much easier.