Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Hollywood Bar / Bat Mitzvah Party Theme

Spotlight on Hollywood Invitations

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Your child is all grown up now, and a wonderful way to celebrate it is to make them look like a proper star. Yes, the Hollywood theme adds to the glamour and glory of a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah event.
  • Here is how you can turn a simple Mitzvah event into a Hollywood flavored one.


  • Get the invitation printed in an elegant way and add a bit of colorful star confetti to the card while putting it in the envelope.
  • If you don’t want to get it printed, you can make your own invitation on black construction paper cut out in the shape of movie clapboard. You can write on it with white paint pen to make it look exactly like a movie clapboard. To give it Mitzvah touch, let the movie be related to Jewish roots, like Fiddler on the Roof.


Blues Brothers Sun Glasses



  • Follow the tradition and entertain your guests with some good dance floor games.
  • You can play a scavenger hunt where players try to find objects as soon as possible and return back to their seats. They all have to find a certain number of hidden things and get back. The last one to come back loses his seat.

    Personalized Trophy
  • You can play movie trivia as well. Make two teams by dividing the guests in two teams. Each team will have a card that has questions. The team that answers the maximum questions correctly wins.
  • You can also have a guest talent show. Make sure you inform your guests beforehand.
  • Charades is a good movie game. You can divide the audience into two teams and each team has to act out a movie name. We all know the rules of charades. The host can keep the score. The team with the highest score wins.
  • If you know someone who can mimic an actor or actress, request him to do so. We all know at least one person who is good at mimicking. This would be a great addition to your Hollywood themed party.
  • If you don’t want to play the first game, you can play simple musical chairs. We all know the rules. Chairs are arranged in an order and people circle them while music plays. The host removes one chair. When the music stops, people try to sit on the chair nearest to them. The one who’s unable to find a chair is out of the game. This way the game proceeds in rounds.
  • Get a few Oscar Trophies. They wouldn’t be too costly. Hide them at various places in the party space and ask guests to find them. The one who finds the maximum Oscars wins.
  • Collect all the guests at the end of the party and have them write a special message for your Mitzvah child’s photo frame. It would be like getting autographs on a star’s pic. It would add to the theme.


  • If I Were A Rich Man

    Play music from classic Hollywood movies. You can also play the favorite Hollywood tracks of guests.

  • You can try karaoke. It is always a hit – both among kids and adults. You can keep things to your theme by selecting only the most popular Hollywood songs. You can try also Jewish related songs like ‘If I were a rich man’.
  • Check The Complete Movie Soundtrack Collection.


  • If your party is being held at a hall or any facility that allows you the selection of your own menu items. Here are some ideas about what you should pick.

    Plastic Popcorn Containers
  • Fill small popcorn cups with popcorn. Hand them over to guests as the party begins. If your budget allows it, you can also add variety to it, like buttered popcorn, caramel popcorn etc. What about a vintage collection movie time popcorn maker?
  • Have cupcakes in your menu. Sprinkle them with some edible glitter. This would give a very Hollywood feel. Doctor Simcha just loves cupcakes!
  • Keep the cupcakes in gold doilies and add place cards.
  • Keep mini pizzas and hot dogs, as people love to eat them during movies.
  • You can add a nice little party touch by having colored ice cubes. Instead of making ice cubes of water, make them from various color beverages. They could be orange, purple, yellow, green, or red. Put yellow ones in green drinks and so on.


Clapboard Picture Frame
  • Here are some favors that you can give to keep your Hollywood theme alive:

–          Gold star bookmarks

–          Movie photo frames

–          Hollywood tin Street Signs

–          Movie tickets
–          Mirror ball necklace
–          Soundtracks of famous movies.

–          A movie magazine


  • Contact your local news reporter. They are always looking for something new and exciting. Your Hollywood themed party just might be the thing they get interested in. This way, you won’t just have a great party, but you’ll also make it to the newspaper.
  • Try these Hollywood ideas and create a totally new type of theme. But do not limit yourself. If you find any other thing that you can do and create a more Hollywood appeal, go ahead and try it. After all, creativity is the only thing that will make the event special.
  • For more ideas check these two Hollywood shops, they’re amazing in their variety of Hollyood related products: Hollywood Mega Store and Hollywood Toys and Costumes.