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How Many Kippot to Order and When?

How many kippot to order?

  • If you choose for your simcha kippot that are a little different, they will be quickly picked (not only by yourguests, but also by other people from the shul). The more they are unique, the more you need. So, if you are ordering something really nice (like those colorful hand crocheted kippot), order extras accordingly. It really depends on how busy your shul is, but 20-30 extra above the count of males (boys and men) should do. Order a few extras to keep for yourself. Usually there are none left!
  • If you are ordering simple kippot, order one per male guest, it should be enough. Some men come from home with their own kippot and they will not take the simple ones.
  • If you still have some kippot left, use them at the holidays (Passover, Rosh HaShana etc).

When to order the kippot?

  • Dr. Simcha suggests to order the kippot at least three months before the event.
  • If you decide to order the kippot with a personalization, be sure to leave a little more time. The process of personalization – agreeing on an artwork, printing, etc – takes time.