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How to Choose a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Theme?

  • Since it is an important day in your child’s life, it is best to ask them which theme they would prefer. Accepting their ideas for their Bar Mitzvah would mean that you have accepted their maturity at their special day.
  • Alternatively, you could decide a theme for them depending upon their tastes. For example, if your child is musically inclined at school, you can keep a musical theme.


Evaluate Yourself

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  • Here are some points suggested by the Doc to select a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party theme. Ask yourself these questions:
    • What does my child like?
      Which activity does your child like doing? Can they read for hours on an end? Or do they like playing the piano?
    • What is he/she best at?
      It could be anything – playing tennis, riding a bike, working on computer, giving warm hugs, or even talking on the phone for long!
    • Whom do I know?
      If you know someone who has a creative mind, you can take suggestions from her. Doctor Simcha suggests calling that party famous cousin who is known for her wacky ideas. Call your friend who sings really well, or the one who is great at playing guitar. It could add a lot of spice to the party.
    • Whom can I help?
      You can actually create a charity theme and make the party fun, as well as bring a change to the world. Think about whom you would like to help the most, and set aside a few funds for that charity. You can even let the guests help (but make sure you don’t force them for it).
    • Why not?
      Should you include a theme to the Mitzvah event? And the answer is – why not? The kids enjoy it, adults enjoy it, and even the Doc enjoys it!


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Be Creative, Reasonable, and Listen to Your Child

  • After evaluating yourself, here is what you have to do to come up with a theme:
    • Be creative. It is all about originality. You don’t want the idea that has been done a million times, do you? Whether you are choosing a season as a theme, or a sport – just make sure it hasn’t been done before. Think about the things that you wouldn’t usually think about. Try a brainstorming session. Write down whatever you can think of… and then strike off the ideas you think wouldn’t work.
    • Be reasonable. Whatever idea you choose must be in your budget and time constraints. There is no reason spending thousands of dollars on a theme if you can’t afford it. It is best to have a quantifiable idea of your budget. Set a limit for expenditure. This would help you when you inadvertently cross the limits.
    • Listen to your child. As stated earlier, it is important to take the advice of the Mitzvah boy/girl. After all, it is their day to shine. Give them their freedom.


Do Some Research

  • After evaluating yourself, it’s time to do some research (this one here is real hard work, so sit down and read this).
    • Let the party reflect the taste and personality of the Mitzvah child. The theme should let them express themselves. Popular choices would include sports, books, music, movies, hobbies, travel destination, art, food, candy, and past eras.
    • Keep the theme centered on Judaism to give it a more cultural touch. It would also keep the child close to their heritage. For this purpose, you can select something from biblical stories, a charity, a famous Jewish person, Jewish holidays, or maybe even their favorite Torah portion for the theme.
    • Use the Bar Mitzvah child’s name as an important element of the theme. You can use a special font for it, and use it throughout the ceremony.
    • Select colors that go with your theme, and look beautiful according to the location. You can also create a theme based on two colors that are suggested by your child. These colors would guide you throughout the decoration, from flowers to linens.


Incorporating the Theme

  • Oddly enough, the process of picking a theme does not stop at just deciding what the theme should be. It extends to incorporating the theme. Ok so you picked a theme. Now what? Here’s the answer:
    • Use the theme fonts and colors for invitations. If you have decided some special logos or graphics for your theme, you should include them in the invitation as well.
    • Make sure the two colors you chose are included in the wardrobe of your child. It could be the color of his shirt, or the color of her dress… just make sure the colors are included in their clothes.
    • All the decoration aspects of the party should involve the theme you have decided. You can use the theme for centerpieces, entrance displays, posters, banners, murals, and signs etc. Keep in mind that a well integrated theme would take your guests to another world.
    • Extend the theme to your menu as well. For example, if you have selected a theme for a particular place in the world (let’s say China), make sure you serve their local food (Chinese in this case).
    • Your party favors should also reflect the theme of the party, so that the guests can remember your party even long after it is over (Chinese hats, for example).
  • Here is a little tip: If you cannot decide things on your own, it is best to take advice from a party planner. There are many planners that specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, and they can give you excellent ideas, and help you organize the party.