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How to Choose a “Gift in a Box”?

  • Let's face it – buying gifts for teens can be nerve-wracking. You really want to find gifts that will be enjoyed and used. Let's see how to do it. Here are the Doc's guidelines on how to choose an appropriate gift that would be appreciated.

  • First, decide on your budget. How much you do want to spend? Consider teaming with other guests and get something bigger together.
  • Second, find one major hobby or interest of the BM child.
    • What is the BM child like? What are the child's interests and Hobbies? Sports? Movies? Computers? Books? Science? Music? Are they athletic or couch potatoes?
    • If you don't know much about the child, research. Ask the child, the parent or a friend, don’t be shy. Once you have these questions answered choosing a gift will be much easier.
    • MLB Autographed Baseballs

      Now that you have the information, narrow it down to one hobby or interest of the BM child. Choose gifts to go with the hobby or field of interest that you chose.

    • Let's say the kid's mother said he likes Baseball. Baseball is a sport that gives you endless options! baseball clothes, baseball books, baseball tickets, autographed baseballs and more and more.
  • Still not sure what present to buy? Here are additional tactics to find a perfect present:

    • Think about your BM or the BM of your child. What gifts were you happy about then?

    • Try to think of something that will always remind the BM of you and of their special day.
    • Are you going to a party with a theme? Match your present to the theme.
    • Be practical. If you know the BM child needs something, it's a good bet that they'll appreciate getting it. Again, if you don't know, ask.
    • Find out whether a BM wish list was prepared or simply inquire what they'd like. Why not?
  • Wandering around gift shops will get you many fresh gift ideas. Just check what your Temple's boutique has to offer, or check around internet gift sites. You will be happy to see endless gift ideas.
  • Shouldn't you get a gift with a Jewish theme? Since this is a religious coming-of-age ceremony it would certainly be appropriate, but it is not mandatory. Whether or not you choose a gift that commemorates the ceremony depends on the individual Bat or Bar Mitzvah.
  • Are you still unsure? Money gift or a gift certificate are always welcome and appropriate.