Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Invitation Wording

Invitation Wording Samples

  • The wording of a B-Mitzvah invitation commonly is made of two parts. The first part, the opening verse includes a somehow poetic description of the occasion, the name of the Mitzvah boy or girl and the invitation itself. The closing verse, which is the second part of the text, usually provides details and information about the date, time and location of the simcha.
  • We have many Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitation wording samples for you! Check the following pages:
  • Many “traditional” wording examples are available at the above mentioned pages. Traditionalists, this is the style appropriate for your invitation, so your job is easy, very easy. Nonconformists, you may want to be less formal, so be playful with your text. Use the traditional template as a starting point and personalize it to match your taste and the style of your simcha event. The Doctor recommends not getting overly gooey.


General Wording Tips

  • There is no standard etiquette for BM invitations. Follow your heart!
  • The Doc loves when emotions are expressed in an invitation. For example, say that you are looking forward to seeing the person, or say that you are happy!
  • Who will issue the invitations? Here a the popular options:
    • The invitation can be issued, first, by the parents, with a text such as: “Please join us … as our daughter Lara is called to the Torah”.
    • Otherwise, the issuer of the invitation can be the Mitzvah boy or girl with, for example, such wording: “My family and I would like you to share our happiness on the occasion of my Bat Mitzvah”.
    • Another possibility is to let the family issue the invitation. Here’s an example: “The family of (name) invites you to join them in worship…”.
  • Determine the wording based on the level of formality and the style you chose for your invitation. A formal text might say, “We request the pleasure of your company”. An informal invitation would be: “Please join us”.
  • If you have a BM theme, try to tie in some theme “terminology” into the wording.
  • Don’t forget the basic information to include, and mainly: the BM child’s first and last name; the type of the event; date, day and start time of the party; the simcha venue.
  • Have you decided not to receive gifts on your simcha? Why?! Anyway, here is an elegant wording the Doc saw once: “No pressents, only your presence”.
  • The Doc gets creative here again: hand-write the invitations to some of your closer guests (family, good friends) to give it a personal and loving touch. Why not?