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Kippot Clips

  • The Doctor’s warm advice is to have kippot clips. You don’t want the kippot to keep falling off everyone’s heads!

  • A tip: put the pins on each kippa before putting them in the kippot basket.
  • Your best option is to buy the clips when you buy the kippot. It will save you the hassle of buying the clips separately.
  • Where can you but clips? Here are some options:
    • Most kippot vendors and Judaica shops have them. Check kippot clips at ZaraMart, and more.

      Satin Ribbon (Create for Less)
    • Dollar stores and flea markets are a good place to look at (the clips are also called “snap clips”). They usually have the clips in silver and white. You will find them also at beauty supply shops.
    • Bobby pins (cheap!) can also work ok. Some people prefer them, actually (they are less visible than the clips). It is best to mix booby pins with the bigger clips.