Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Late Night Bar Mitzvah – Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Check this wonderful Bar Mitzvah sketch, from “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. Very funny! 🙂


Conan: Alright everybody, welcome back to the show! Now, ladies and gentlemen, we are very happy to welcome our next guest of the program. Hey, hey Max! Max, what are you doing over there?


Max: … Oh Conan, I’m playing “Celebration”. You know, the Kool & the Gang song? I’m surprised you didn’t recognize it.


Conan: No, no, Max. I know the song. I mean, why are you playing that song now?


Max: Oh, well you know… I guess everything is off to a festive start. Get the people out on the dance floor. C’mon everybody, get of your… and boogie.


Conan: Listen. Listen Max, what did I tell you guys about taking Bar Mitzvah gigs during the show?


Max: Well, I know Conan, and I respect your decision. You know, I understand it is kind of distraction for you and the audience, but on the other hand, the money for these Bar Mitzvah jobs is really good.



Conan: Look Max, maybe I’m not making myself…


Max: … Hold it! I’d love to debate, but right now it’s time for Grandpa Sid to come up here and say a few words. Grandpa Sid everybody!


Grandpa Sid: Thank you. Today is a very special… Hey… Sounds like my wife.

Late Night With Conan O'Brien: 10th Anniversary Special


Wife: You shut up!


Grandpa Sid: A joke! I can’t… I can’t make a joke?


Wife: He thinks he’s the dice man.


Grandpa Sid: Today is a very special day for you Mark, my grandson. Not only have you made your whole family proud, you have made your friends and neighbors proud. You have made your Rabbi, Rabbi Mendelstein, proud. In addition, you have made the entire congregation at your synagogue proud, and not only this, you have made the whole community proud, and all this, should make you Mark very proud. And I… uhh… I know it makes your parents proud.


Conan: Ok! Ah look, ah Sir?


Grandpa Sid: Yeah? What’s that?


Conan: Yeah, look sir. I, I’m really sorry, can I… I’m just gonna have to ask you to stop.


Grandpa Sid: You know, you got a point fellow. Enough talk, let us dance!


Guest: You know ah… If I were you… you gotta get control.


Conan: Yeah. All Right. I’ll… I’ll just ah… Hold it, hold it, hold it. Excuse me… excuse me… everybody, please… please stop… please… Stop everybody please, you’re giving me a headache! Everybody, just stop dancing. Would you just stop?!


Grandpa Sid: Max, Max, you said he wouldn’t make problems.


Max: No refunds! No refunds!


Mark: Please everyone! I know that you all want me to have a great Bar Mitzvah, but if our celebrating is keeping this man from doing his job, then… Well… I don’t think it is right for us to continue. The more important thing is the religious ceremony I went through today. That was Bar Mitzvah enough for me.


Conan: You know something Mark? I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Judaism. But the maturity that you just showed, well, you just proved to me and everybody that today, you really are a man.


Mark: Thanks Conan! So aren’t you going to let me have my Bar Mitzvah here after all?


Conan: Oh no, no Mark, ah… Look, I… I really… you know, I think… I think you’re great and everything, but I told you I have a show to do.


Mark: Grandpa, you said it would work!


Grandpa Sid: So, we’ll go to plan B. That’s all.