Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Mailing the Invitations

Sending the invitations can be pretty scary. It is a big step in the process! Dr. Simcha knows people who sat on their invitations for a week before they got up the courage to mail them. The good news is that the stress turns into excitement right after mailing the invitations.

How to send the invitations?


When to send the invitations?


How to send the invitation?

  • The common way of delivery is to send the invitation to your invitee’s
    mailbox by “snail mail” (which is the modern slang for regular, paper
    mail sent through the postal services!).

    Painted Star Invitation
  • In addition to a hard copy invitation, you can also send a personalized e-card invitation by email (you can ask for the emails of guests in the reply card). Why won’t you send a few “newsletters” to the invitees, to heat up the atmosphere and get everyone ready for the party? You’ll get many answers, it is fun!
  • Want to get original? Let someone get dressed in your theme costume to hand deliver your party invitation.



  • Would you like to save the trip to the post office? Here’s a cool solution that can save you time and money. Print your own postage right from your PC with Stamps.com. It will make the envelopes look more professional and “clean”.

    Create PhotoStamps
  • And here’s even a cooler postage solution. Create PhotoStamps with the BM child’s photograph .
    It gets really exciting seeing the photos of your child turn into real U.S. postage!
  • If you prefer traditional post office mailing, take a sample to the post office before mailing the invitations, to confirm the postage to be applied. If you have international guests, check also about the relevant postage.
  • Ask to have the envelopes hand-stamped. Envelopes that go through the machines get dirty, you want to keep them clean.


When to send the invitation?

  • Make sure that you send your invitations out with ample advance notice. Dr. Simcha suggests mailing the invitations 6-8 weeks in advance.
  • If you are planning your affair around a holiday weekend, it is a good idea to get your invitations out 8-10 weeks prior.
  • If you have guests coming from out of town or from other countries, you may want to send out your invitation three months in advance (especially if your event takes place around a holiday). This will allow your guests adequate time to make preparations, flight & hotel rooms reservations, save money, etc.


Go ahead and mail those invitations! Take a deep breath, drop them in the mail and smile! Somehow when the invites are mailed, you HAVE to do it. The excitement will start soon as you go to the mail box and get your RSVP’S. Have fun!