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Making it Digital

At this point you need to convert all your non-digital photos and videos to digital format. It is either the professional who does it, or you, if you go for the do-it-yourself option.

Working with pictures

  • Scan the non-digital photos. You need a fast scanner. If you don’t have one, here is a link to a good collection of sacnners.
  • Have the files saved and oraganized on your computer.
  • Crop & enhance the digital images. Add light to dark photos. The better the pictures, the better the montage. The Doc’s favorite photo management and editing software are ACDSee Photo Editor and ACDSee Photo Manager.

Working with videos

  • A 15 second video clip in the middle of the montage is amusing and will keep the audience alert. You can use additional short video clips through the montage.
  • Play the video clips between songs or have music playing with them.
  • Your home videos should be also transferred to your computer, where it can be edited and enhanced.
  • Ask your photographers or DJ if they can convert VHS to DVD. They may have the required equipment.
  • This may be a good occasion to transfer all your videos from fragile and bulky videotapes into crystal clear and durable digital mode.

    Plextor ConvertX Digital Video Converter
  • This is quite a project, but you can surely do it on your own. Why letting those precious videos gather more dust?
  • So, how to make the conversion from video to digital format?
  • Digitizing video is similar to copying VHS tapes. You plug colored wires into your video player. The other ends of the wires go to the back of your computer. The only difference is a box in between, let us explain. How complicated can it be?
  • To perform the conversion there are two essential components –
    • A device that converts the analog video signal to a digital format. The best choice for non-professionals is an external capture device. This little box will be placed between your VHS tape player and your computer. These devices are easy to use and affordable. The are two products we can suggest: the easy to use Plextor convertX digital video converter and the more expensive but excellent ADS Technologies’ capture video/audio source powerful CD & DVD conversion. Check the users’ reviews on Amazon.

      Ulead VideoStudio Video Editor
    • A video editing software that can capture analog video, edit the video, and burn the video to a DVD. Ulead VideoStudio Video Editor, a fantastic software, is the Doc’s choice. Check around, there are other products available.
  • It is important to have a quick computer, with good memory and fast CPU.