Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Money Gift

Money Gift – Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The advantage of cash is that it allows the BM child to select exactly what they want. And apart from this, who does not like money?

  • The disadvantage is that cash gifts are not very personal. Unless it is a LOT of money. Wink
  • A BIG disadvantage of cash gifts, so say the kids themselves, is that parents do not allow the kids to spend the money… the money either go to the bank account or to cover the cost of the party! If you ask a kid if he wants money for his BM often the answer will be NO!

How much money?

  • How much money to give? It is a tricky question and the answer is not a quick one! There are several parameters to think about when trying to decide on the sum of the gift. Let's talk about these parameters.

  • The relationship between the guests and the child and family is an important consideration. How close are they? Is the guest just a classmate? A special friend? Close family friends? Family? It makes a difference.
  • Where you live also counts. Every community and region have their customs.
  • How many people are attending as guests? Is only the child invited? Or a family of 4?
  • The guest's financial situation is very relevant. Having a tight budget?

  • Sometimes people try to match the luxury of the event with the check's sum. A modest event scales down the sum, and vice versa. The Doc does not feel comfortable with this practice. The gift is intended to honor the child, not to reimburse the parents for the party costs.
  • Multiples of $18 (18, 36 and so on) are traditional when giving a money gift. The number 18 is significant in the Jewish faith, because it is the numerical value of the Hebrew word "chai," meaning life.

How to hand the money?

  • The Doc does not recommend giving cash. It can get lost. Check is safer.

  • How to give the money? Putting the cash or check in an envelope is one option…
  • Make a money gift more special by giving the money in a unique way. The Doc heard about an old Chinese man doing dollar-bill-origami. Not kidding! Google "Joseph Wu" and you will see it there. Anyway, here are some elegant money giving options:
    • Drop the money in the slot of the Money Maze Bank. It will drive the BM child crazy until they get the money, but it is lots of fun.

    • Children really enjoy Money Soap. It is also a great incentive to get kids to wash their hands!

Having a tight budget?

  • Can't afford to give a money gift?

  • Don't break your budget. Some people may go higher with the sum, and it is nice of them. However, you are not obliged to follow. Not everyone can afford the same sum, especially when events are held every weekend. Give a present that fits your budget.
  • Instead of giving cash money, why won't you select carefully a present in a price range that you can afford? Show thoughtfulness in the gift selection. It may mean to the party host much more than a high sum check. Put love in the present, whatever size it is, and it will be received with love! Check the Doc's how to choose a "gift in a box" guide.
  • People invite guests to parties so they can celebrate with their friends and share these precious moments with them. It is not about checks, it is about friendship. No one would like their guests to be stressed with it. Relax, give what you can, and give it with love.