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Money or a Gift in a Box?

  • There are three appropriate bar / bat mitzvah gift alternatives: money gifts, "gifts in a box" and Bar Mitzvah gift certificates.

  • The Doc's elder grandson is called Avi. His most cherished BM gift is a Connecticut College basketball t-shirt. It is nice to have someone give you a well thought about gift. If the gift matches the kid, it is very special!
  • Cash is nice and appropriate as well and it seems to be the most popular option in our modern society. It is also an easy way when you don't know the child well enough to guess what they like. Saving bonds is another monetary option.
  • Gift certificates are the third alternative, something in between money and a gift in a box. If the gift is from a store that is close to the child's interest, it gives it a personal touch!
  • Depending on the cost of the gift item, another option is to combine a check with a small gift.