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Montage Songs

  • Choose songs that are close to your heart and have a meaning to you. The songs will set the mood of your montage and make it special.

    Jewish Super Party CD
  • You want to entertain your guests with the montage songs. Don’t choose songs that will drive them away, ok? The safest choice is an inclusive song list that covers a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Combine sentimental and upbeat songs so that your video can evoke the entire emotional spectrum from laughter to tears.
  • A different song for every section of the montage is the way the Doc likes it – one song for photos of the BM child on his/her own, a different song for family pictures, and so on. 6-8 songs for 8-10 minutes montage is cool.
  • The other way is to play the entire montage to one or two songs.
  • How to integrate the music with the photos? Here are some ideas
    • Have songs whose lyrics go well with the pictures.
    • Have pictures of people doing what the lyrics say. “Kiss me honey, honey kiss me…”. Know the song? It can go well with kissing pictures!
    • Even funnier, contrast pictures with the song’s lyrics! A baby’s picture in a bath can go well with the Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA!
    • A creative idea: have the same song to start and finish the montage. It gives it a structure.