Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Parents’ Gifts

The party as a gift?

  • Many parents have the party as an actual gift for their child. Fair enough. 
  • Sharing the information allows the children an understanding of how a precious (and costly!) the party is. Inform the child about the price of each of the professionals and about the cost of the invitations, clothing, favors and so on. Parents have to work very hard for the money they earn.
  • The Doc remembers her parents asked her if she wants a big present or a party. She chose a party. A friend of her, however, preferred a family cruise over a party. Let your child choose too. Do they prefer a party or a big gift?

Parents’ gifts

  • In other cases, when the family can afford it, the present of the parents is the highlight of all presents. It follows some BM parent’s gifts ideas. Please share with us other ideas by adding a comment at the bottom of this page:
    • A Bar Mitzvah cruise. 
  • Money gift is another option for a Parents’ gift. Our member alana has an original and fun idea with this regards:

    “another good gift from the parents is (as opposed to a check) two hundred or so dollars in ones. it is fun to throw the money up in the air and have it fall down around you”.Cool!