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Gallery of Artworks (ZaraMart)
  • Personalized kippah are very popular. It is also beautiful.
  • The method of personalization (with labels, digital printing etc), the colors of imprint and the possibility to personalize, are subject to the material of kippa and the policy of each vendor. Make sure the vendor can do the artwork at your choice of color and design.
  • Bear in mind that there are free personalization options, such as with free polyester heavy duty labels. These free labels require the customers to attach the labels on their own to the kippot, one by one, and are a good way to save money.
  • Personalized Kippot at ZaraMart
  • Your personalized artwork may include a logo (flag of Israel, Star of David, etc), the name of the BM, the date, Hebrew wording and more. Check ZaraMart’s gallery of artworks for personalized kippah to get an imperssion of some examples. Anyway, here is a common wording:

    Bar Mitzvah
    Dan Isaac Hirsch
    March 25, 2006
    Mazal Tov!


  • Personalization takes time. Artworks go back and forth until you approve it. Plan accordingly.