Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations


About placecards

  • Placecards tell each guest where to sit and prevent confusion.
  • The custom is to have all the placecards presented in alphabetical order on a table outside the Bar / Bas Mitzvah venue.
  • The cards are usually personalized with names, dates and table numbers. Have them very simple or tie them to your BM theme. They add style and fun to your simcha and make a beautiful souvenir.
  • Married couples are often assigned on one place card together (Mr. & Mrs. Dan Weiss).
  • What about kids? Should you prepare placecards for them? The Doc’s opinion is that it is wiser to prepare placecards also for the kids. Otherwise, you may end up with thirty kids at one table and the few non-popular kids at another, and the feeling is sad! When you plan the seating arrangement, try to at each table at least one child knows another child, so not kid gets too lonely.
  • The Doc gets quite upset with people who don’t respond to an invitation. It is not nice. Be kind, put the pre-addressed envelope in the mail, ok?

Do-it-yourself placecards

  • You can prepare the placecards on your own. It is pretty easy and saves costs. The Doc uses Microsoft business card templates for place cards. They usually measure 31/2″ x 2″. Buy your card stock from a local office supply store, or online. What do you say about these blue Staples® card stock? They offer also other colors there, shop around.

Creative placecards ideas

  • Personalized favors can make a great placecard. Just have them printed with the table numbers and any additional information, it is a lovely choice. Here are creative ideas for placecards that will catch the attention of guests and serve also as favors:
  • A bookmark can make an original placecard that will be used by your guests also after the event. Announce-it’s custom bookmarks are pretty and affordable.
  • Buy small containers and fill them with sport shaped chocolate balls. Put the table numbers and names in the frame or on the box. Everyone loves chocolate!
  • Candy bars that have the place seating info. Personalized Bar/Bat Mitzvah candy wrappers from Announce-it come with any picture or message that you would like. Adorable.
  • Water bottles filled with candy or wine bottles can make great placecards. Get personalized bottle labels printed with the table numbers and any additional information. It is a lovely choice.
  • Personalized beer mugs (for adults), with the BM motif.
  • Even leaves can work! Get pretty leaves (from the forest or the park) and a metallic marker. It is advisable to spray the leaves with a laminate to make them more durable.
  • Placecard holders are an elegant way to greet your guests. The variety of holders is almost limitless. Fit your choice with the theme and style of your simcha. Here are a few ideas: