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Sample Candle Lighting Ceremony Poem

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Bar Mitzvah Poems Book

Here is a sample Bar Mitzvah candle-lighting ceremony poem, kindly provided by Jill S., The Poem Lady. It’s beautiful!

My grandfather who I love so dear Passed away recently, but I know he is near His was my second home in Florida, of this I know He told me how proud he was as he watched me grow Grandpa was a baker and bread he would always make With flour on the table, in the center he made a lake This candle is to honor him, that has been my plan Please come up to light it with me, Uncle Frank & Aunt Marianne He has a pony tail and she loves to make french toast Enjoying all our meals in bed is what I love the most Whether it’s riding a tandem bike together or frequenting street fairs They’re my New York City grandparents and no love matches theirs They let me drive their boat and do everything I want to do Dear Grandma and Grandpa Birdie please come up for candle number two I am so happy these next two people moved here, back up north Now in order to see them we don’t have to go back and forth When I come to visit you my heartbeat starts to quicken Cause no one in the world can compete with your famous chicken I’m so glad to have you here, it really is a thrill Please come up for number three, Grandma Disney and Grandpa Bill You always take great care of us when Mom and Dad are away Every year for Christmas, it’s Florida that we stay I love you for your grace and charm and because you’re oh so witty It’s great that you have a fondness for the likes of Atlantic City Please know how much I miss you whenever we’re apart I love my Irish grandma with all my Irish heart Come on Grandma, let’s light candle number four together
I was the ring bearer at your wedding which really was a treat I love your funny birthday cards, I think they’re really sweet It’s wonderful you live so close, I really must proclaim Thanks so much for taking me to my very first Flyers game My first word was kraka (for Erica) which really caused a stir Little Rachel is so cute, some day I’ll sit for her I’m so happy you’re all here or else it would be odd Come up to light number five, Aunt Erica, Cousin Rachel and Uncle Todd I love that I’m the big cousin around our little brood Uncle Richie is so funny, he puts me in a great mood Soon you’ll marry Marci and your family will make four As our family grows and grows there’ll be lots of fun galore Aunt Jenni and Uncle Lon are the New York City pair We play with Ethan and with Bryn whenever we are there Candle number six awaits you no matter the order you’re in Come up Uncle Richie, Marci, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Lon, Taylor, Jordan, Ethan and Bryn
What can I say about this next person who doesn’t have a flaw She helped deliver me when was I born so was the first face I ever saw She’s a chiropractor and deputy mayor of a small New Jersey town Yet in her spare time she jumps from planes and isn’t afraid of looking down

If Dave and Nikita could come up here, I’d really be in heaven Help me get Aunt Debbie Buzby to light candle number seven

Every year we vacation with a big group of our friends Each year the group gets bigger and the laughter never ends It started off with the GreenHalls down the Jersey shore Then we added the Fasciacos at the beach and more fun was in store Soon came cruising and the McConnell family decided to join in The pools were always awesome as was every place we’ve been Finally the Hintons finished our group with a trip to Punta Cana Mike G, Bobbie F and all my vacation buddies please come up-you know you really wanna

You’ve shared every important day with me through my entire life Were we to miss a holiday it would fill my heart with strife Next year though I’ll skip the horseradish, you all know why, I suppose It was so spicy and you laughed so hard when it came right out my nose If you could come join me here it really would be fine Aunt Jen, Uncle Steve, Adin and Tylie please light candle number nine

My Mom’s sisters are always around, they’re here for each special day Carmel and Marie are in Woodstock and are never too far away Aunt Deb lives near us in Philly and always has a smile My uncles are cool also and add a classy style Caroline loves to act and marches with the band Nicole is off to college where good grades are in high demand Fiona is really cute, she’s a little slice of heaven Come on up all you guys for candle number eleven Now we come to this final candle on which to make a wish Should it be for a video game or perhaps a satellite dish I could always wish for a classic guitar or some such little thing But I should wish for something important because, oh what joy it’ll bring With this candle I make a wish that may not be with the trends I wish for more wonderful times to celebrate with family and with friends