Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Save the Date Cards & Magnets

About “Save the Date” notices

  • Save the date cards & magnets are an efficient and original way to make your guests remember your big day and allow them adjust their plans so they can attend.
  • Consider sending the Save the Date notices 8-9 month before the event. To whom should you send them? Here are some thoughts about it:
  • Once the Save the Date notice has been sent, you are locked into sending the person also an actual invitation. So, send the notices only to guests who you will be definitely inviting. By the time the event happens, you may not feel as close to people who you had sent the notices to (a neighbor who had moved away, for example). 

    • Kids are very funny at this age and their entire social circles can change very quickly. So, it is better to be very conservative as to which friends you send the Save the Date notices to. Send them only the BM child’s closest friends.
    • Send Save the Date notices to guests from out of town who need to make flight and hotel reservations.

Save the Date magnets

  • Dr. Simcha is a big fan of the magnets – your guests will see it every time they open the most often used door in any home… the refrigerator door!
  • Save the date magnets are a good and popular option. chances are good that it will be hanging on your guests’ refrigerator!
  • For Do-It-Yourself magnets, you want to check the Inkjet Magnetic Sheets from Staples. Print your Save the Date magnets with a picture of the BM on photo paper and they will come out great!

Save the Date cards & creative ideas

A friend told Doctor Simcha a funny story about someone who went to mail their magnets. The magnets got stuck to the metal mailbox and never reached their destination! Ha ha ha 🙂