Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Selecting the Pictures

  • Determine which photos are the best ones for your Jewish Bar Mitzvah montage. It will take you time.
  • Going through all the photos is an emotional journey. Memories!
  • Gather all the photo albums since your child was born. Don’t forget also the slides, the pictures that are out of the albums, framed pictures, etc.
  • The Doc prefers take the photos out of the albums. She gives each photo a number on the back and puts a small note with the same number in their location in the album. This way she knows where to place them back.
  • How many photos should you get? The Doc works with about 80 pictures, for a 7-8 minutes montage. After the first round you will have much more. Reducing the number of the photos is difficult!

Photo Frame for Bat Mitzvah, Glass
  • Analyze the photos that you picked. Put them into categories: the BM child alone, the BM with family; the BM with friends, holidays, vacations, school photos and so on.
  • Pick photos that evoke emotions.
  • If two photos are similar, choose only one of them.
  • Don’t pick too many cute baby photos (people do that), or the montage will get too boring. A variety of photographs will keep your audience interested.
  • Your child, and other people, should feel comfortable with the montage. Put aside embarrassing pictures. Don’t ruin it with naked baby photos Embarassed
  • Use lots of photos of guests with the BM, and especially of the BM’s friends with the BM. It will keep everyone concentrated.
  • Are there types of photos that you don’t have? Any family members missing from your photo collection? Get the missing photos. Ask from relatives to check for good photos in their albums. Another option is to shoot new photos, why not? For example, go to your child’s school and get a couple of shots with school friends.
  • Insist on photographs that are of good quality, clear & large. Your montage will look much better with such photos.
  • You must have VHS home videos that have been collecting dust for years, right? Go also through videos. Video clips are a cool addition to a montage.
  • The next article discusses how to turn pictures and videos to digital foramt for your Jewish Bar Mitavah montage.