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Shooting Locations and “Must Have” Photos


  • Did you choose your Bar Mitzvah photographer? It is important to disucss together where and when the pictures and video would to be taken? Some like a full photo and video production service – from the moment you awake, until the party is over. Others are satisfied with less. Here are some popular photography locations.
    • Casual pictures (in the park. backyard, informal at home, portrait, etc).
    • Formal pictures of the family at home getting ready before leaving to the service / party, or the night before.

      Symbols Bat Mitzvah Photo Frame
    • Temple pictures on separate day, or at the morning service (some temples allow it).
    • Reception & party (candid, action & ceremonies). Confirm that that the videographer lehas a wireless microphone!
    • Table shots.
    • What about video interviews with family and friends?

Your “must have” photos

  • Candid shots, portrait shots, grandma high on the chair hora dancing shots – whatever photos you would like, tell it to the photographer before the party. Write down a list of shots that are important to you and give it to the professional.
  • Here are some “must have” photos suggestions:

    • Pictures of the BM children by themselves.
    • Gorup shots of the BM with the parents; BM with the mother / father and their siblings all together; BM with the extended family; BM with the grandparents; the BM’s brothers and sisters all together; BM with their friends.
    • Other combinations of family members (grandfather and granddaughter, father and son, etc).
    • Grand Entrance of the BM and the family.
    • Special dances shots.
    • Candle-lighting ceremony photos.
    • Ha-Motzi blessing ceremony shots.
    • Hora dancing shots.
    • Candid photos of the BM child with their friends and family.
    • Panoramic photo of the venue.
    • Centerpiece shots.
  • However, don’t be too strict with the photos list. If you allow the photographer some freedom, you will see that many of the photos you didn’t even think to ask will be the ones you love the most!
  • A tip: Have friends and family take additional photos for you, as a backup, just in case!