Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Sports Party Theme – Soccer

Soccer Party Invitation

Arrange a soccer themed Bar Mitzvah party for your little player with these valubale tips.


  • Get creative with your invitation wording. Here is a cheerful example:”It’s Michael’s thirteenth season; And he’s in the All-Star Game
    So to the starting Mitzvah line-up, We’d like to add your name!”
  • Choose a soccer party slogan to use in your invitations, and then use it also in the decorations and personalized favors. Brainstorm with the Mitzvah boy or girl to come up with the perfect slogan. Here are a few slogan suggestions:

    • ”Soccer All Stars Bar Mitzvah”

      Soccer-Themed Invitation
    • “Jason’s World Cup Bar Mitzvah”
    • “Heads up for a Kickin’ Good Time!”

  • Get extra creative: attach a metal whistle to each invitation.
  • Check this selection of soccer party invitations.

Party Site

  • Where will the party be held? Indoors or outdoors? Typically this party will be held at specialized soccer facility, gym, park, or backyard. Anyway, indoors soccer party is also possible.
  • If the party is being held in a backyard or open field, add some chalk lines to create an authentic field.


  • With good soccer party decorations, you will get the guests in the right mood.
  • Balloons can economically transform any room or yard into a festive space in a matter of minutes. Here are a few baloons tips:
    • The soccer ball mylar balloons are a good option for a soccer Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
    • Tie curling ribbon and group the baloons together in bouquets. Balloon boquets of odd numbers look best: 3, 5, or 7.
    • Place groupings of balloons around the party site and at the entrance. Tie a bunch of helium filled balloons to the Mitzvah child’s chair, or tie one balloon to the back of each chair.
  • Customized soccer vinyl banner are another way to highlight your Mitzvah party theme.
  • Having an outdoors soccer party? Personalized soccer yard signs are a good option for an outdoor soccer party.


  • Keep your guests entertained with soccer related activities.
  • Plan time for the kids to play soccer as they choose. They will enjoy this as much as anything you might organize.
  • Using a metal whistle and orange cheerphones (sport cones), run some organized soccer drills or create a few fun “Skill-Seeking” games. Include drills for passing, shooting, trapping, dribbling and heading.
  • Recruit a couple of star soccer players from the local high school team to work with the kids. Younger children look upon these athletes with awe, and the athletes will be flattered by the attention of their young charges!
  • A photo-op activity, like the soccer stand-in, is always good fun.
  • Have you heard about the soccer ball pinata?


  • Let the Mitzvah child dress up in a full uniform of their favorite team or in something special and unique in soccer theme. Get soccer themed clothing also for the Soccer Mom, Soccer Dad, and Soccer Brothers and Sisters.


Favors & Prizes

  • Thank your guests with favors and prizes from your soccer B-Mitzvah party!
  • Balls, many balls, are the most critical element for a soccer party! Let each child decorate a section of a Design-Your-Own Soccer Ball. The children will then have a wonderful keepsake from this kickin’ party!
  • Purchase an inexpensive t-shirt for each guest from a discount store. On the back of each jersey write the guest’s last name and add large numbers using fabric paint. You could also purchase two different colors of shirt, and divide the kids into teams at the outset of the party.  Let the kids suit up, and then take lots of pictures of your child’s “team”… the kids will love it!
  • Are you familiar with Israeli soccer? Use t-shirt of Israeli soccer teams to connect your party with Israel in an original way. Do you prefer Haifa, Jerusalem, or Tel-Aviv? Here are the options you have here:
    • Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club holds the Israeli record for winning the most championships and national cups. The team’s colors are blue and yellow, as you can see on this Maccabi Tel-Aviv t-shirt. Check also the Maccabi Tel-Aviv kippah and Maccabi pendant.
    • Beitar Jerusalem is considered to be the Israeli football team with the largest following. The team’s colors are black and yellow, which are also the colors of the Beitar Jerusalem t-shirt.
    • Maccabil Haifa was the first Israeli club to qualify to the UEFA Champions League. Their official colors are green and white. Check the Maccabil Haifa t-shirt.
  • If you are looking for fancier prizes and favors, such as balls and Jerseys, check Soccer Garage, a soccer equipment source.


  • Decorate your tables with green butcher paper and design a field with white paper for the field lines.
  • Serve your soccer party snacks in team spirt with soccer themed tableware.
  • Plates, cups, napkins, and tablecover, are essential items to give your soccer theme party the right atmosphere. Check the soccer championship soccer ensemble.


  • Carry the soccer theme into the menu.
  • Serve typical “sports spectator” concession stand food – hot dogs, nachos, soft pretzels, pizza, chips, popcorn, and snow cones. Use Die-Cut Shimmer Stars to label each dish with a creative name. Dribble Dogs (hot dogs), Heading Burgers (hamburgers), Noggin’ Nachos, Striker Snow Cones, Passing Pizza, and Corner Kicks (corn chips) would all be fun to serve and eat!
  • What about a soccer mitzvah cake? Serve soccer ball cake and ice cream. A Soccer Ball Cake Pan includes easy-to-follow directions.