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Suede Kippot

  • Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish. Suede leather is made from the under side of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Because suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard (“full-grain”) leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability make it suitable for clothing and delicate uses Suede was originally used for women’s gloves, and the term comes from the French “gants de Suède”, which literally means “gloves of Sweden.

    Green Suede Kippah
  • The vendors’ websites show suede kippot with special designs, embossed patterns, two-color panels and more. It gives these classic kippot a younger feel.
  • Suede kippot are usually made of four panels.
  • Ask for color samples if you want to have a look at the offline color (color may vary a bit from the picture).
  • The variety of shops should work in your favor. Negotiate and ask the vendors to match prices. Don’t be shy.Check
  • Free personalization is possible at suede yarmulkes at ZaraMart.