Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

System Requirements

If you are doing the montage yourself, there are some hardware and software requirements you should know about.
Hardware requirements:

  • For the scanning of the photos, you need a quick scanner. Do you have one? Check Amazon’s scanners collection.
  • DVD player / burner, to play your montage and burn it onto a CD.
  • A standard desk-top computer is enough, but it should be a quick one with good memory and a big hard disc. You will work with big files.

Software requirements:

  • A simple PowerPoint presentation may give you ok results, no more than that, maybe less. It will turn out much nicer if you work with a software package.
  • Advanced slide shows with ProShow Gold

    A video-editing software will give you good control over the photos, transitions and audio during the montage. It is a much better option, go for it. It will make it easier on you.

  • Create advanced slide shows with ProShow Gold is the Doc’s choice. It was developed specifically for creating slide shows for such happy occasions. It is the software to work with. You just select your photos and drop them in the show. Adding a custom sound track is easy. It offers many transition effects. If you are looking for a professional and sophisticated video editing software, you may be disappointed, but if you are an amateur making a barmi video montage, it is a winner.
  • The Doc tried also Windows Movie Maker. It was easy with the photos but she had troubles with the music editing.
  • You also need a DVD burning software. You probably have it already.