Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

Table Shots

Traditional Table Shots

  • Table shots seem kind of boring at first, but still, the Doc highly recommends them.
  • These shots give you a record of who was at your event. Not everyone goes to the dance floor, where most of the photos are taken. These shots guarantee to have pictures of every single guest.
  • Have the BM or the parents get into every table shot. You’ll get better smiles on the photos!

QuickSnap Single-Use Camera


The Tables shots workaround – Disposable cameras!

  • Let the guests take the photos themselves. It is fun and inexpensive!
  • Having disposable cameras in simchas is hot! It is also a good solution if you don’t like table shots or if these shots make the photography deal too expensive.
  • The quality of the disposable camera pictures will be so-so, but that is the whole charm! Crooked framing, unintentional close-ups and pillars coming out of the tops of people’s heads… It will come out cute Tongue out.
  • Bar Mitzvah Camera Favor

    Place a disposable camera at each table and let the more creative guests come up with their own game plan. Or, you can write them a short piece of poem, explaining what kind of pictures you would like them to take.

  • Ideal for favors, there are vendors out there who offer B-Mitzvah Camera Favor, personalized with your name and simcha date! Otherwise, check this colorful collection of disposable cameras – for the amateur Bar Mitzvah Photographers!
  • Don’t forget to remind people to leave the camera at the table when finished with it. Place a basket near the exit with a sign that reads “place used cameras here”.