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Teffilin – Getting Yourself a Teffilin Set

Personalized Tefillin Bags
  • Before you go and choose yourself your Tefillin set, remember – it makes a difference if you are “righty” of “lefty”. The Torah says to put the tefillin on the “weak” arm. Standard tefillin are made for the right-handed. Anyway, make sure you know if the tefillin you get fits your stronger arm.
  • In many families, the Tefillin passes from generation to generation, from father to father. It is a wonderful tradition. If the Tefillin are not in good shape, take them to a Rabbi to examine them. It may need to have the boxes opened and checked or to replace the leather straps. It is usually cheaper than buying a new set. Knowing that the Teffilin belonged to their parents or grandparents can make the children very happy. It honors the elders and gives an extra sentimental meaning to the ceremony.
  • Bar Mitzvah is a wonderful occasion to buy a shiny new set of tefillin. There are wonderful online options. Buy a teffilin set from Israel to make the buy even more special.
  • To protect the teffilin, you can also get a personalized velvet tefillin bags with your name embroidered.
  • A new set of Tefillin can be purchased also through your local Judaica or Synagogue store.