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The Candle Lighting ceremony – Poems Stress & Reading

The Candle lighting Poem Stress

  • The candle lighting poems are one of the matters people get most stressed about. It is overwhelming. Take a deep breath and relax a little.
  • This one’s for you: Poems for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremony” is a good book that makes writing a candle lighting ceremony poem easier, with efficient directions and examples. The book is a also good in releasing the stress, and for that alone it is priceless.
  • If you don’t feel like coming up with so many poems, there are other alternatives, nothing is obligatory. Here are a couple of ideas:

    Bar Mitzvah Poems Book
    • Read a general poem at the beginning of the ceremony, which may mention each of the honorees, and then call them up one by one. The ceremony will go then It a little quicker.
    • Write a few lines about each honoree, why they are so special and interesting state facts about them. Call the names with a nice story about the person, how they helped you or made you laugh, a short explanation of who they are, etc.
    • Have the MC call the names of people, one by one. The Doc says: “Boring!”

Reading the Poems

  • Print the poem on a pretty paper. Having the poem written lessens the tense of standing up in front of the crowd. Don’t worry, it will pass perfectly!
  • Read the poem aloud several times before the party. Rehearse, and it will be a tremendous success.
  • Now that you have the everything ready, all you have to do is not mumble.
  • Don’t forget to have a handkerchief at hand. The poem often brings tears to the eyes. Get some napkins for the guests too. Some of the poems do not leave a dry eye in the house.
  • Keep well the poem after the simcha. You will treasure it forever.