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The Candle Lighting ceremony – Writing the Poems

The BM child usually reads a short poem with every candle lighting honoree is the common run the candle lighting ceremony. It is the opportunity to honor Aunt Jane, Grandma Noni or Grandpa Momi from Miami.

Don’t miss the Bar / Bat Mitzvah candle lighting poems stress and reading tips.

A good poem makes the Bar Mitzvah very special. So, how to do it?

Writing the Poem

  • “Come on girls, do you believe in love?…Express yourself” (Madonna, Express yourself). So, this is the place to do it. Show your love and express yourself!
  • Letting the child (or the child in you… write the poems in their own words, straight from the heart, gives the best results. It will make the children themselves and everyone really proud. Tiny bit of help from the Mom and Dad is allowed!

    Bar Mitzvah Poems Book
  • If you enjoy writing, the candle lighting poems can be really fun to write.

  • The Doctor finds it nicer when the poems are concise. It also gets the people quicker to the dancing floor!
  • Writing the poem in rhymes may be a good and entertaining idea. However, it is really not obligatory (nothing is!). If you’re i need for rhymes, check these two rhyming dictionaries: Rhymer and RhymeZone.
  • The Doc loves those poems that build a mix between being funny and sentimental. It brings her somewhere between laughter and tears!
  • Aren’t sure how to really express your feelings? Having hard time to fill the paper? Here are some tricks that can get your inspiration started:
    • Write three important things about each person and then elaborate and put in a shape of a poem;

      Bar Mitzvah Poems Book
    • Read poems that others used. It is always helpful. It may sometimes be enough only to change the names
    • Build a story line or a theme around the poems and stick to it.
    • Start with a quote of a famous person or saying.

Letting others write the poem for you

  • You don’t enjoy writing? Having a mental block? Writing isn’t easy.
  • Why won’t you to let someone else – a family member that has the talent or even a professional – to write the poems for you? There is nothing to be embarrassed about!
  • Passing the writing to someone else can really help in taking off the pressure from both the BM child and the parent. You hire others do the music, the food, the music, why not the poem?
  • A talented poet will capture your stories and write a poem which will feel like it yours. It will captured everything that you wanted to say, but didn’t know how do put in words.
  • Meet with the poet and provide them all the information. Tell about the members of the family, special stories, and so on.
  • Here is one speech writing company that we know – Occasional Words.
  • You may be surprised how wonderful “professional” poems are. It is the work of these people and they do it well!