Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

The Entertainment Team

When people talk about the DJ, they usually mean the entertainment team. Here are the professionals who make this team:

  • Master of ceremonies –
    • The MC coordinates all the party activities and ensures that everything goes exactly the way you planned it. He has to control the room and the party, yet to be flexible enough to feel what people are enjoying and flow with it.
    • The MC has to use his talents – as actor, model, singer and dancer – to get all the guests out of their chairs (even grandma!) and make them dance all night long.

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    • The MC represents you and your family throughout the event.
    • There are some DJs who perform as both the DJ and MC.
  • D.J –
    • Professionally trained jockey who spins and mixes the music.
    • A good DJ reads the dance floor and determines what kind of music will keep the dance floor packed.
  • Dance motivators –
    • The dance motivators make sure that all adults and kids around – including the shy ones – are on the dance floor. They keep the party going and make the BM a star.
    • Some of the DJ’s have the dancers as a basic part of the team, while with other DJs it is an extra.