Extraordinary Days Require Exceptional Invitations

The Entertainment Time Line

  • You set the standard for how you want the evening to be scheduled. Discuss your wishes with the DJ and ask for his advice.
  • Here is a suggestion for a DJ’s time line. Remember, all this should be changed the way you like, there are no strict rules here.
    • The evening begins with a cocktail hour in the reception hall. The DJ will play background music, while you greet your guests.
    • After the cocktail hour, the MC will invite your guests to enter the party hall. When everyone is in, it is time for the grand entrance of the BM and the family.

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    • The next event is Hora dancing. The family is taken high on chairs!
    • The guests will be asked to find their seats and Ha-Motzi blessing will be made over the bread.
    • Dinner. At this time, DJs usually play quiet music. A video montage will be played at dessert time.
    • After dinner you want everyone busy at the dance floor. Games and interactive activities will take place.
    • Candle lighting ceremony.
    • A BM-parent dance.
    • Dancing time again with high energies and interaction fun. The MC will get everyone back on the dance floor!
    • A last dance.
  • This is only a suggested time line, it is up to you to set it as you like. Discuss the issue with your DJ, hear about the way he usually works and prepare a paper with a time line.